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Like a turd off the ass of a limping dog.

Ill Equipped!
Temperamentally Unfit!
Intellectually unmoored!
It’s as though Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, and the rest of the ladies democratic luncheon circle get together and settle on the new, well chosen, ineffectively effete bon mots to roll out as their Trump reprimand du jour.  It’s almost like watching Mrs. Howell from Gilligan’s Island trash talk the WWE’s Big Show. It would be adorable if only it… wasn’t.  Even the goal of showing him up as the crook he is won’t move the needle, as most of his base aspire to exactly that.

If you want to peel away the turd from the dog you may be more effective…by showing that he’s not.

How about something along the lines of:

‘Spoiled Richie rich kid, who talks a load-a-trash but ain’t got the half the cash. Or Millionaires son, too little to … ‘git er done!’


You convince em of that and you may yet see a sizable chunk of his base fall off his ass, like a turd from a limping dog.

But I’m warning ya, it won’t be pretty.

A. Darius Kamali

Extremism wouldn’t be that bad if the religion was…that good ;-)

A mealy mouthed media informs us that the problem with religion is to found in its extremists. This is a mendacious and meaningless mantra. Were the religion truly good, it would follow that an extreme version of said religion should be…EXTREMELY good.
It’s only when something sits rotting at the core that we do and must insist on tolerating only the mildest of varieties.

A. Darius Kamali

Middle Eastern threat to the American Constitution

I’d always thought the alt-right was just being paranoid in claiming that the American legal system was under threat of incursion by an intolerant, ancient Middle Eastern religion who’s fanatical, patriarchal, violent, child marriage promoting, adherents want us to submit to the commands of their bronze age volcano god. But now I see they were right!! Sad.

A. Darius Kamali

Taxonomy of Psychosis

We talk down clan and tribe affiliations as though these are innately inferior levels of moral development as compared to national identities based on geo-political and other equally arbitrary designations. Let’s be clear; any identification with others, positive or negative, which is
based solely on arbitrary characteristics (those the individual does not choose but is born into), is GROUPISM. The specific kind, ought be of interest only to those specializing in the taxonomy of psychosis.

A. Darius Kamali