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WONDER WOMAN…the original Iranian Version

Known as “Amazons” by the ancient Greeks, these ancient Iranian (Scythian & Sarmatian) female warriors were typical from the 5th-9th century B.C.E. Numerous burial mounds of ancient North-Iranic warriors known as the Scythians (Saka in Persian) and their Sarmatian (or Ard-Alan) successors have yielded the remains of women warriors who were buried alongside their swords, shields and other war equipment. These burial mounds have been discovered from Iran through the Caucasus to the Iranic Scythian lands, now part of modern day Ukraine and Russia. (see map below)
Darius the Great regularly used contingents of his Scythian warriors (including women) in his campaign against the Greeks in Europe. While also having a hard time keeping them under control of the Empire. At one point, Darius’s armies chased his fellow Iranian (but rebellious) Scythian subjects deep into Ukraine and the Balkans before having to essentially give up an turn back. The Greeks didn’t have any more luck with these mounted, nomadic warriors either.


A. Darius Kamali

‘Pump don’t work cause the Vandal…took the handle.’

It’s instructive to contemplate the large number of monikers for peoples and ethnicity’s  that are, at the same time, derogatory.

Three of my favorites:

Berber: from the Greek Barbarous (Barbarian/Foreign)

Slav: from the Greek Sklábos– slave

Vandals: both a moniker of the Germanic tribe and a ‘willful destroyer of what is beautiful or venerable’


A. Darius Kamali