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The Memetic link between Barry & Pocahontas

It occurs to me that there’s a connection between two memetic tropes floating in rightist circles. The first is the reference to Barrack Obama as Barry.  The more recent is calling Elizabeth Warren, Pocahontas. I’ve tried to get my mind around the meaning of–and in– these terms, presumably intended as insults. Then it hit me.

In both cases, the implication is that these people are trying to pass themselves off as something other. The underlying subtext, of coarse, is that the minority other is accorded a privileged–and undeserved–position and given the special treatment that goes with that. And the gripe is that these charlatans, though actually no better than or more deserving than ‘you and me’ are pretending they belong in that special victim class and therefore, in a way…act like and be treated better that the unsung and forgotten rest of us.

I don’t agree with this line of thinking as regards either of these individuals. But so long as the left pretends not to understand what the argument is, and instead tries to paint the right as just making a racist statement about Native Americans by using the term Pocahontas, we’re going to keep talking past each other.


A. Darius Kamali

A Palestinian Joan of Arc ?

Palestine has yet another young hero in it’s struggle against the apartheid Zionist regime. And this time it’s a 14 year old angel named Ahed Tamimi. She was arrested and dragged from her home and bed in a pre-dawn raid by the occupying Israeli army and charged with ‘assaulting and humiliating’ the soldiers!
I’d say they’ve humiliated themselves.

The children of Palestine have been under the Israeli boot for 70 years. It’s a dark side of all groups, nations, tribes, to put arbitrary group identity ahead of our essential humanity. The Israelis are far from alone in their blindness and/or acquiescence to their own inhumane, though all too human conduct. But it’s sadly instructive to see that neither are they–despite historic Jewish oppression at the hands of Europeans– morally above such conduct.

A. Darius Kamali

Americas Orange Mirror

The well meaning but poorly comprehending liberal still imagines that Trump voters give a flying fuck about this or that broken campaign promise or yet another revelation in a presidency that is a run on lie.  Of course, if they actually did, they’d have long ago stopped being supporters.  These people are, and most will remain, true believers in Trump’s falsehoods even if he shoots them on fifth avenue.  This is because they identify with Trump for racial, anticultural, ‘groupist’ (my word), reasons.  They imagine (within the limits of their limited imaginations) and would aspire (if they only knew the word) to one day becoming a man-slug in the image of their orange hued hero.  They imagine they too could inherit hundreds of millions, dodge the draft while publicly belittling captured American POW’s, file multiple bankruptcies, divorce multiple wives,  lord it over others; cheat, steal, lie. They imagine they too can marry Eastern European ‘models’, host beauty pageants and star in unreality shows where they get to fake fire, fake celebrities; to call women pigs and animals, and Mexicans rapists; while themselves getting to grab any woman by the pussy.

They wish they too could exclude anyone they want from their imaginary properties and golf courses and yachts and casinos and neighborhoods and country clubs and–country. They have wet dreams of tall towers, shitty steaks and long ties.  They wish that they too could have inappropriate relationships with their daughters, who could be so ‘hot’ they’d want to ‘date her themselves’—and well, to basically act like all around jackasses of all trades.

And when they find out that they can’t do any of these things, well that will be okay too. They will simply sublimate their identity so far up Trumps ass that watching him do these things will be sufficient to give their lives meaning and, in a Bizarro world twist on Obama’s slogan…Hope.


A. Darius Kamali


etymological problem in epistemology (and an immodest solution)

In philosophy of mind, there are two bedrock episto-ontological theories:

Idealism (which posits that the material universe cannot be distinguished from, and therefore cannot be proven to exist separate from mental qualia–al la Bishop Berkeley)



and it’s opposite philosophical theory of knowledge: Materialism (which argues that mental phenomenon such as mind/consciousness are in fact reducible to matter and hence explainable through the laws of biology, chemistry and ultimately physics–a la David Hume.)


As it turns out, both of these terms have long been entirely misappropriated by the lay public.  In the common parlance, the word idealism has come to mean a wishful, utopian aspiration. While materialism is now broadly associated with its related but distinct Marxian critique and theory, further popularized and debased as a type of all consuming, well–consumerism.




As a solution, I suggest that the philosophical profession disambiguate the meanings of these seminal theories of knowledge from their near universally accepted popular corruptions– by renaming both.

My modest proposal:

Idealism to Ideaism and

Materialism to Matterism.

A. Darius Kamali


Saudi Arabia…(IS…’IS’)!

Saudi Arabia is the progenitor and promoter if the Salafist/Wahabi ideology that inspires ISIS and al Qaeda. It also supplies them with arms, intelligence, money and safe heaven. Fifteen of nineteen 911 hijackers were Saudis.  Saudi Arabia cuts off heads and limbs, executes non-Muslims as well as non-Wahabi Muslims, and treats women as property just like ISIS. It’s a totalitarian monarchy, invades and bombs neighbors and runs an absolute dictatorship that acts and functions in a manner identical to what ISIS aspires to become.

To the extent that the U.S. backs this unholy and terrorist House of Saud–which is fully–it backs ISIS and al Qaeda.

A. Darius Kamali