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My career bridges human rights advocacy and film/media. This background ranges from intelligence analysis and institutional development to documentary & feature film making. After founding Federal Data Services, a private sector legal research firm In the late 90's I joined the International Monitor Institute-a State Department supported NGO-as visual analyst. IMI acted as the visual evidence wing of ad hoc criminal tribunals for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) & Rwanda (ICTR) as well as the subsequent trials for Saddam Hussein. We established a visual archive related to global hot spots, war-crimes & rimes against humanity. My human rights work also includes joint projects with the National Security Archives, Human Rights Watch & UNTV as well as the Simon Wiesenthal Center/MOT. Following a stint as Lexicon Editor with the seminal artificial intelligence based search engine Oingo (Applied Semantics) I transitioned into the world of documentary film, producing a number of shows developed at Lorimar, Jaffe,​ Scott Free (Tony Scott), World of Wonder' and Weller-Grossman Productions. Many of these programs aired on major cable and Network distributors including History Channel/A&E, PBS, CBS, Trio Network & Channel 4 in the UK. In 2008, I produced my first feature, the Annie Award nominated IGOR (MGM/TWC) starring John Cusack and I co-executive produced the 'The Hero of Color City'​ (Magnolia Pictures, 2015) and the upcoming 'Bunyan & Babe' (2016). In 2013 I launched Gnosis Moving Pictures to producing a slate of live-action and animated features for global theatrical distribution independently and in partnership with Vinton Entertainment, Pigdog Productions and Toonz Media. In 2015 I launched techGnosis to develop iOS Augmented Reality apps for studios such as Twentieth Century Fox, Relativity & MGM . Separately, I am in the process of editing the manuscript for my first novel, a mytho-philosophical fantasy for children of all ages. Member; Producers Guild of America. Copyright 2018

And you say there’s no intelligent design?


a water buffalo on shore

this whore 

an endless need togrope 

this trope

a pussy grabbing


this trick

a mock-up of a man

a shit stain

on the fan 

an undercooked ham

this scam

this dog 

or photo-realistic hog 😉

this hostage ransom-note

this pre-satanic goat

this wallflower

of kitsch 

this bitch

this jive without a shuck

this cuck

this rat or gnat

this unrelenting hurl

this earl 

of scat

this cave dwelling bat (who’s fled his cave)


could not give a fuck

your childhoodyuck 

this impermanent Lear

But not a king

This kings no Mlk

This stray

this god forsaken thing

this pre-pubescent dick

this shtick

this piss drinker to


the only way he scores

this raiser of your rent 

this dent

–in the side of Hope

this chink

in the armor

of our national soul

this cancerous, Russian mole

this prick

in the side of Lucifer’s dick

this momentary blot

an empty lot

this prostitute for


this shame

this man who we must


this fluffer

this demander in chief

–this thief

this sojourner

for lies

this fool 

this misanthropic tool

a bully from grammarschool

where he learned littlegrammar

this scammer 

this $11 bill

–that’s come due 

this two short 

of a crew 

this smear

this (non-sexualitybased) queer

this (non-religionbased) kyke  

who joneses for your Like!’ 

this walking warningtrigger

this shadow of a figure

this (not raciallybased) nigger

this orange headed

intellectual runt

this (non-genderbased) cunt

this national

bathroom break

this snake

this man with a mouththat serves  

double duty

as sphincter

it does twice the workof mine

and you say

—there’s no intelligent