A Palestinian Joan of Arc ?

Palestine has yet another young hero in it’s struggle against the apartheid Zionist regime. And this time it’s a 14 year old angel named Ahed Tamimi. She was arrested and dragged from her home and bed in a pre-dawn raid by the occupying Israeli army and charged with ‘assaulting and humiliating’ the soldiers!
I’d say they’ve humiliated themselves.

The children of Palestine have been under the Israeli boot for 70 years. It’s a dark side of all groups, nations, tribes, to put arbitrary group identity ahead of our essential humanity. The Israelis are far from alone in their blindness and/or acquiescence to their own inhumane, though all too human conduct. But it’s sadly instructive to see that neither are they–despite historic Jewish oppression at the hands of Europeans– morally above such conduct.

A. Darius Kamali

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