o-SUFI-ISTANBUL-900.jpg26sufi3-1511627606852-superJumboThe attack by the savages of ‘IS’ and their Salafist Saudi patrons on Sufis and on what Sufism represents is nothing short of an attack–to paraphrase Manicheo-Zoroastrian theological parlance–on the sons of light by the bastards of darkness.
For the uninitiated, Sufism is the love centric/intoxicated mystical core within the realms of Islam. It fulfills a similar role in Dar al Islam as the Gnostics, Templars and Troubadours did in historic and contemporary Christiandom. It’s exemplified my such renowned masters as Rumi, Attar, Hafez and Ibn Arabi. Its esoteric roots can be traced to Hellenistic Neo-Platonism, Aryan Zoroastrianism, Christian Gnosis of the Levant, Sassanian Mazdakitism, with a good dose of good old fashioned perennial philosophy thrown in. Sufis have always been only just tolerated by literal and illiterate fundamentalists (read; supercicialists [my word]) of orthodoxy as they try to nudge their host toward the light, from inside. On this day in Egypt, the light doesn’t seem to have been a match for the savage salafist throat cutters of ISIL.
Long Live light!  
#JeSuisSufi  @jesuissufi

A. Darius Kamali

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