Trump tells police to rough up suspects more!

The chromosomally challenged wildebeast currently, albeit disastrously in charge of the the executive branch of the nominally united States has just publicly asked law enforcement around the country to not be so physically ‘nice’ when they’re throwing people into the ‘back of the police van’ but instead to not be afraid to further ‘rough up’ suspects in their custody.

This, after a handcuffed helpless Freddy Grey had his spine snapped in exactly this way!!! Can there be any question this was the image and incident Trump had in mind and that his statement was a direct endorsement of the tactics that led to Freddy Greys brutal murder?


I wonder if this (not so crypto) fascist, degenerate, thug we have for President, will be equally enthusiastic about the FBI roughing HIM up immediately following his inevitable and soon to come indictment… for TREASON?

A. Darius Kamali

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