Black Lives Matter (2.0/too)

Rather than acknowledge the moral weight and human pain behind the already over timid and understated position put forward by the proposition that ‘Black Lives Matter’ the usual forces of reaction have instead set to work consciously mucking up the meaning of that non-threatening, almost pleading phrase–into something itself divisive and racist.
I submit that these people –if not entirely moronic (which may well be too much to assume) are disingenuously pretending that they object to the phrase on the grounds that it may be misinterpreted to imply a negation of the truism–‘all lives matter.’
As a response and counter, I propose to this most relevant, organic and vital of contemporary civil rights movements to simply call their opponents bluff by changing the name of the movement to #blacklivesmattertoo or #blacklivesmatter2 (as in version 2).
Everyone knows this is what the phrase was always intended to say from the start. The addition of ‘too/2’ will pull back the curtain on the rights feigned and disingenuous–albeit ingenious–linguistic obfuscation.
Sadly, I’m willing to bet that even after such a change of name to address any chance of misunderstanding–that even then–the racist right will still refuse to concede even thIs new phrase:
‘Black lives matter…too!’
And then we will all know where we stand.

A. Darius Kamali

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