Shameless Power; Samantha Power and the Shameless Asymmetry of Shame


I knew and worked with Samantha Power when I was Senior Analyst at the State Department sponsored International Monitor Institute. Yet I don’t remember her being quite so morally compromised and ethically myopic as she is proving herself to be today. How grotesque to hear the US representative to the UN howl shamelessly when the ‘rebels’ (mostly fundamentalist al Qaeda affiliates backed with arms, money, intelligence and propaganda by the US and its terrorist sponsoring Saudi ally) are on the verge of defeat at the hands of the elected and sovereign government of Syria.

Ms. Power’s selective and self serving moral outrage is all the more disturbing because she represents a country (the U.S.) that has illegally and without invitation backed years of bloodshed in Syria. This is the same U.S. government that along side its terror sponsoring  Saudi and Emirati vassals, is even at this very moment ravaging Yemen and its people with unspeakable savagery. This is the same country that without invitation or legal basis invaded and ravaged every inch of Iraq and demolished the city of Fallujah and its populace, with an intensity no less barbaric than what Ms. Power rages about today. Let’s not forget that the Iranians and Russians, at least, are in Syria at the invitation of that country’s elected government…irrespective of what we may think of that government. What the hell is the US doing there?
I didn’t and I don’t see Ms. Power howling about the shameless atrocities that her US/Saudi backed ‘rebels’ (in truth Al Qaeda affiliates and Sunni Arab extremists) have been visiting upon this ancient, beautiful and Biblical land for four years!
Shame on you Samantha for losing any remaining sense of ethical consistency while saving your feigned outrage only for this moment when your side–chosen based on the crass geopolitical calculations of American empire–is losing!
The majority of Syrians, including the Christian and Kurdish minorities–who prefer their government to the US backed terrorist ‘rebels’–will never and ought never forget or forgive the role of we foreign meddlers. Foreigners who’ve chosen for years to climb in and stay in bed with radical Wahhabi terrorists in a (mis)calculated effort to force a self-serving outcome of ‘regime change’ on yet another country.
It seems finally that Samantha Power truly is, to use her own epithet, ‘incapable of shame.’

A. Darius Kamali

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